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Ready For Battle

The Ready For Battle range offers simple and well-priced quality LARP products. Ready For Battle is a great place to start whether you are new to LARP or you’re an experienced LARPer with an affection for the simple designs. The range includes all the LARP basics you need to complete your LARP costume and gear. It includes weapons, shields, metal and leather armour, accessories, costume, jewelry, archery, and much more.

The Ready For Battle products are designed like the Epic Armoury LARP counterparts, just with an added focus on keeping it simple. We have created simpler designs that are easier to manufacture and use less material in order to offer you a good price point on the products.

Have a look at the unique LARP designs from Ready For Battle; here you will have the opportunity to be prepared for LARP with quality gear at a fair price. We love LARP and therefore we aim to offer everyone a fair chance to play LARP, with the Ready For Battle line.

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