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Childrens Dress - Green - 6-8
Childrens Dress - Green - 6-8
Item no: 33070115
Your price : LoginRRP: 69,99 EUR
EAN Number:5704742305359
Brand:Epic Armoury
Fittings:Cotton string Lacing
Size:6 - 8 years
Weight:580 grams / 20,46 oz
Hip Width:36,0
Bottom width:94,0
Sleeve Width:12,0
Material 1:Velvet
Release Date:01-06-2014
Size Guide... - Measurements are all in cm if not stated otherwise.
This product can have slight deviations in pattern, colours and shape.

Even as a person so very young, you are looked upon as an adult by those around you. You managed to survive the years as a baby, after all, and so now you are expected to carry your weight as a member of the family.

Your mother has been teaching you how to do fine embroidery. Stitchwork is important as a young woman if you expect to ever get married, and so you sit with the other ladies working on your handicraft.


Epic Armoury's Children’s Dress is a simple slip-on dress with detachable long sleeves and a boat neckline for kids. Designed to serve as a base layer for a more complex costume, this dress can also function as a costume on its own. The dress reaches from the shoulders to the ankles and has a wide skirt with plenty of room, making movement easy. The sleeves are wrist-long and dramatically flared, and can be worn hanging from the arm or rolled back toward the elbows.

At the hem the skirt is adorned with a wide band running horizontally all around the dress, giving the illusion of an additional underlayer. The dress is made from lined cotton velveteen with a rich, thick feel. It can be adjusted to the individual along the sides with cotton strings. The cut is handsome but moderate, and will suit most children regardless of setting.

Available in sizes 6-8 Years and 8-10 Years.


  • Inspired by the upper class families of Medieval times, who were more concerned about fashion and more likely to dress their children in velvet
  • Medieval children often wore the same fashions as adults until the 16th- and 17th-centuries

  • Affordable, personalized costume interchangeable with all other Epic Armoury gear
  • Mostly made of cotton
  • Made from fabrics manufactured locally
  • Handmade by qualified professional. Measurements are approximations and may vary.

This velveteen product is soft to the touch, softer and lighter and with more flow than real velvet. This material also has a “wrong” and “right” side, whereas only the outside of the garment appears plush.


Machine wash at 30°C / 86°F. Wash separately the first time and with similar colours afterwards. Do not Tumble Dry, but allow to air dry while hanging.

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