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Water Based Make Up - Grass Green - 20 ml
Water Based Make Up - Grass Green - 20 ml
Item no: K360702
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EAN Number:5704742002821
Brand:Epic Effect
Weight:50 gram/1.76 oz
Release Date:01-07-2011
Epic Effect Makeup is water based, non-toxic and easy to wash off using soap and water.

Epic Effects’ Grass Green Water Based Make Up is a deep-pigmented compact powder makeup. Perfect as a foundation or as a highlight, this makeup provides great cover of the skin and on other materials such as foam latex or natural fabrics. Water-based makeup is easily removed, but still resistant to perspiration--especially when reinforced with a layer of Setting Spray.

Grass Green Water Based Makeup contains an intense amount of pigment in order to deliver a lot of mileage in a small tin. The colour dries matte, reducing the need to post-treat or powder. Grass Green is a high quality yellow-green colour great for adding highlights to orcs and goblins.

The Grass Green Water Based Makeup comes in a 20 ml tin.

Directions for use:

Apply makeup using a moist brush or sponge. Great for use on the face, but can also be used all over the body--including delicate skin around the eyes. Can also be used to colour beards, hair, or moustaches. Seal the finished makeup with Epic Effects Setting Spray.


Remove makeup with mild soap and warm water.

  • Deep pigmented makeup with great covering ability
  • Great staying power once applied
  • Versatile use from skin to foam latex
  • Water based, non-toxic and easy to wash off
  • Used by professional makeup artists in theatre and movie industries

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